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New release in the Fantasy Series –  A Story of Giants:

String of Pearls is a single volume of Books 1 & 2 in the series, with an expanded Book 1.

A Story of Giants – Modern fantasy series

We are not alone.

Our world is but one of many in a realm, like an infinite string of pearls. Only those among us whose gifts have awakened, the Giants, can travel the realm and guard its balance.

College freshman Leanna Salinger, and her younger sister Violet, join the ranks to train as Giants. But for a self-proclaimed loner like Leanna, training as a team with those from other worlds is not so easy. Her heart is closed to everyone beyond her sister. When insurgents threaten the Giants’ peaceful watch over the realm, Leanna and her compatriots embark on a multi-world quest to stop them. To survive, Leanna must venture through worlds ranging from dystopian nightmares to worlds of paradise. She must battle ancient monsters, wild creatures, demigods, criminals, and those who practice the shadow arts. But more than anything else, she must conquer her own past.

Out this Summer & Available for Pre-Order

The Guardian’s Compass

Divorcing empty nester Lexi moves to a sleepy, lakeside town to start a new life, but discovers she has power to travel the endless realm of worlds with those who watch over it.

Forty-five year old Lexi Abernathy is forging a new life on her own in what she thinks is a sleepy Adirondack town. But just as she’s settling in, Lexi starts travelling to strange worlds in her dreams. Out-of-this-universe worlds. And while she’s there, she’s saving the lives of others with some weird, ancient battle techniques with swords and swirly lights. And of course there’s the people she sees all over town who are invisible to everyone other than Lexi, one of her nutty neighbors, and the sheriff who claims to be something called a Soul Collector. Lexi fears she’s losing her mind until one night a mountain of a man, as brawny as he is rude, shows up at work and tells her she is being called to serve in the order of those who travel the endless realm of worlds keeping peace, using special abilities Lexi did not know she possessed. Moreover, he’s her partner in this adventure. But what exactly are her powers? Will she join the ranks and train to travel the infinite string of worlds? If she does, can she work with this grumpy, sullen man who looks, and acts, like he strolled straight from a Viking ship?

This book is a part of the series A Story of Giants but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

You can watch the trailer for the series below. There’s sound:

Books 1 & 2 are also available individually on Amazon. Just click directly on the images below.

two new books coming soon!

The Guardian’s Compass is the back story of one of the yet-to-be-introduced characters in the series. The Guardian’s Compass can be read as a stand-alone novel.

The Reluctant Warrior is the next book in the series A Story of Giants. 


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